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Mercury Free Dentistry from Clear Fork Dental

Dr. Stacy Cole believes in using biocompatible materials at our Fort Worth dental practice. Biocompatible materials better support your overall health, and we believe that the mouth is just one piece of your whole body puzzle. This is why we provide mercury free dentistry. In the past, mercury was used in amalgam fillings, putting this toxic substance in your mouth and exposing you for the life of the fillings. Now we have a mercury free alternative in the form of tooth-colored composite resin.

Traditional silver amalgam fillings are made up of about 50% mercury, and while some believe this level to be harmless, with composite resin, there's no need to worry about exposure to mercury at all. Dr. Stacy Cole provides all 100% composite resin, mercury free fillings for all of our patients. Do you have old amalgam fillings that you'd like replaced? We can do that as well, replacing your silver amalgam fillings with tooth-colored composite resin. One of the advantages with composite resin fillings is that they're not only the healthier option, but they're better looking, too!