Post Cancer Dentistry

Dec 15 • 2 minute read


Chemotherapy treats cancer by diminishing irregular cells in the body. However, cells that are not irregular can be affected as well; this is particularly true for teeth and dental soft tissue. If your chemotherapy program has been completed and dental problems have become persistent and bothersome, Clear Fork Healthy Dental can help.

How Cancer Treatment Affects Dental Health

Radiation used during chemotherapy can alter saliva production, making your mouth feel dry. While this is a minor concern on its own, dry mouth plays a role in oral health. Healthy saliva flow helps naturally sweep away debris and bacteria that contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. Your saliva also balances acid levels in your mouth and keeps teeth strong. Dry mouth increases disk for dental disease and damaged teeth.

Chemotherapy also has an effect on soft tissue, including your gums and tongue. This causes an increased likelihood of soft tissue infection, which ultimately hampers the healthy supporting structures needed to keep your teeth stable.

Dental Care for Cancer Patients

While it’s ideal to see a dentist to establish a baseline of positive dental health before chemotherapy, patients experiencing issues after radiation treatment can achieve a more comfortable smile with help from a dentist.

At Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care, we recommend routines hygiene habits and dental care aids to support better oral health after chemotherapy. This can include using a soft toothbrush to avoid irritating sensitive gums, selecting a chemical-free product in aid in healthy saliva flow, and using toothpaste that helps re-mineralize and strengthen teeth.

If you have developed dental decay after chemotherapy, our holistic dentists provide completely metal-free and biocompatible restorations. Our crowns, bridges, veneers, and fillings are gentle on surrounding soft tissue and do not pose a risk of irritation and allergic reaction. They also greatly reduce the likelihood of thermal sensitivity, while helping your smile appear as natural as possible.

After we have provided all possible information and restorative care to boost your dental health, our team creates an ongoing plan for care that can include more frequent check-ups. These additional visits allow our holistic dentists to closely monitor patients for signs of disease or decay. Whenever needed, we can collaborate with your primary care physician or medical specialist to ensure we are part of a coordinated treatment approach that supports your wellness into the future.

Ask our Holistic Dentists about Post-Cancer Oral Care

If you or a loved one have completed chemotherapy and are dealing with uncomfortable dental issues, contact Clear Fork Health Dental Care today.  It is our goal to restore your smile while protecting overall health and well-being. 

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