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Aug 23 • 2 minute read

Dental care is something that is not at the forefront of our minds, though it should be. The health of our teeth and gums is not only imperative to an attractive, healthy smile but it can have a significant effect on the rest of our body as well.

Gum disease can be dangerous for your heart. Gingivitis has been linked to heart disease, the latter being one of the deadliest afflictions that we currently face. All of this tied to the health of your gums and teeth.

Finding the right dentist is the first and perhaps most crucial step to proper dental health. Finding a trustworthy dentist who provides quality care is a big step towards overall dental hygiene and health.

In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, there is one dental practice in particular that provides an array of services to keep your mouth feeling healthy and attractive for a long time.

Where can I get dental crowns in Fort Worth, TX?

Dr. Stacey V. Cole, DDS, is the head of Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care, a practice in the Fort Worth area. Our practice specializes in holistic and health-minded dentistry, using advanced technology and spa therapies to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

We use safe, healthy and gentle oral health care techniques as well as relaxation techniques to ensure that your visit goes well and that your time in the dental chair is as stress-free as possible. We fully understand that visiting to work on your oral health is not the most comfortable or fun experience in the world, so we work diligently to make sure that you are as comfortable as can be. If you are comfortable and at ease, that allows us to do what is necessary to leave your mouth feeling healthier and cleaner, leading to greater overall oral health.

Our practice cares about each patient that comes into our offices, and your oral health is of the utmost importance to our staff. We will often follow up after a procedure on younger patients to verify that they are healing correctly and feeling okay in the wake of their care.

What are the reviews for Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care?

Though Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care is a smaller, independent practice, it has earned positive reviews through Google Reviews, Facebook, and Yelp, garnering five stars across all three platforms with more than 50 clients leaving reviews across those platforms.

Of the positives that were noted, the office was seen as very clean and accommodating while the staff handled each client with the utmost care. In some instances, Dr. Cole even called to check on some of the younger patients that had stopped in to make sure that they were doing well.

That level of care is hard to find in any dental practice, and Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care cares for their patients even after they have left the dental care. For personability, quality care, and a positive experience, it is hard to beat Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care.

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