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Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care

Holistic, Cosmetic, and Quality Restorative Dentistry in Fort Worth

       *** Our office has re- opened on  Monday May 4th. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the safety and well being of our patients and staff. In accordance with the CDC, our protocols from check in to check out have changed. Please see the COVID-19 policies on this website or Facebook page. We look forward to once again helping people look better, feel better, and have fun doing it! ***

 The Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care Check-in policies:

1. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): We have ample PPE as part of our every day care, depending on each patient's need. We will be wearing it for every patient, rather than the ones necessary, at least until we get the full opening signal for the State.

2. Filtration: We have overabundance of filtration. 

  a. HEPA (*1)

  b. UV (*2)

  c. Ozone (*3)

 3. Safety Protocols are already in place as we have had to treat emergencies and various essential procedures on a limited basis since the beginning of the COVID "shut down:" always within guidelines of the TSBDE (Texas State Board of Dental Examiners) as well as the Texas American Dental Association.

4. Here is what is different than before:

  a. Call the office when you arrive, and the front desk will check you in. If you are a new patient, we will bring paperwork to you to fill out in your car. When you are finished, give us a call.

  b. We will call you when we have a room available for you to come straight back into the treatment area.

  c. One of the assistants will take your form of payment from you to the front, and bring you a receipt for your treatment.

 *1- HEPA- Stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air- Is a designation used to describe filters that are able to trap are able to trap 99.97 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns. The COVID-19 virus is approximately 0.125 Micron, but that's in an isolated form where they typically can't survive long enough. HEPA air purifiers WILL effectively capture the microbes contained within the aerosol particles which are much larger than 0.3 microns.

 *2- UV- Is a known disinfectant for air, water and surfaces that can help to mitigate the risk of acquiring an infection in contact with COVID- 19 virus. UV here refers to HVC light energy (200-280nm light) in the germicidal range. (It is not the same as the UVA and UVB used in tanning beds or sunlight exposure.) UVC light has been used extensively for more than 40 years. All the air drawn through the HEPA filter is exposed to the germicidal UVC light. 

 *3 OZONE- Will inactivate all viruses including COVID-19. It will kill bacteria, virus, and fungi.

  At Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care, we are proud to be a truly unique dental office in Fort Worth. Not only do we practice holistic and health-minded dentistry, we offer advanced technology and spa therapies to make your visit comfortable with a combination of patient-first services, safe and gentle oral health remedies, and relaxation techniques. Our dentists and team stand out for their commitment to providing the best dental care available in the West Fort Worth, TX area.

We would love to show you the difference that a comfortable and family-centered approach to dentistry can make. Contact our office today for your consultation!

Providing Patients with the Very Best: Education, Technology, and Advanced Services

Dr. Cole and Dr. Shelby are devoted to learning about the latest technologies and treatment methods available. We stay ahead of the curve and put your wellness at the forefront of your treatment plan to ensure your health and satisfaction.  Visit Clear Fork Dental for the following services, among many others.

You can count on our Fort Worth dentists and team to provide treatment from highly trained backgrounds, with special attention to creating a friendly and welcoming environment. We cater to patients with sensitivities and special concerns, such as those who require biocompatible care for medical issues, or who are interested in cosmetic procedures, comprehensive restorations, and dental procedures to improve their overall well-being.  

The Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care staff consists of certified phlebotomists as well as two licensed massage therapists with specialties in cranial facial therapy. To learn more about our talented staff, visit our Meet the Team page. 

Our Fort Worth Office Building

Visit our West Fort Worth Dentists for Comprehensive Dentistry

We are happy to treat patients in need of customized care who are looking for the best possible services to meet their expectations, as well as families interested in gentle treatment for young children. With technology, a commitment to truly personalized attention, and unique amenities, we are here to care for patients of all ages.


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