Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care is the best dentist for safe amalgam removal in DFW. You will want to be very careful about which dentist you select to perform this procedure for you. Many clients who don't think long and hard about where to get their amalgams removed get sick after getting their amalgams out.

Having Problems with Your Amalgams?

Many people begin to experience problems with their amalgams and request their routine "drill and fill" dentists to remove them. Most dentists will drill out the amalgams with a high-speed drill, which completely vaporizes the mercury in the amalgams. Then, the patient has a bolus dose of mercury all at once. These high doses are what penetrates the brain and the central nervous system, ultimately destabilize many dental patients. A lot of patients who mean well don't end up well.

If you are considering amalgam removal, you should also be aware that there is a difficult aspect to this procedure. Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care provides holistic dentistry in Dallas/Fort Worth. We understand the risks of amalgam removal as well as the effects they have on the mind, body, and soul. One of the reasons people opt to remove their amalgams is that the metals in the amalgams coincide with different emotional pockets inside of your body. This may seem like nonsense, but dental patients go through this routinely. You can expect an emotional detox phase after you get your amalgams out. You will feel better and be happier.

Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care Performs Amalgam Removal Safely

When amalgam removal is done properly, the procedure can be administered safely, and exposure to toxic mercury can be eliminated. At Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care, we use a rubber dam, which is a sheet of latex that your teeth stick through. This rubber dam shields the particles from going into the back of your mouth and throat, and it also creates an effective vapor shield. We place suction behind the shield and suction in front of the shield. The suction pulls all of the air containing toxic vapor and particles away and replaces it with clean air.

Unlike most other dental clinics in DFW, we give oxygen through the nose and even provide a vitamin C IV. All of these measures together serve to prevent our patients from being exposed to the harmful effects of mercury. You can rely on Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care to get the job done right, safely, and quickly.

Feel Free to Reach Out

Whether you're looking for a new dentist, are interested in learning more about holistic dentistry, or are looking for a one-time amalgam removal procedure done safely, the folks at Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care would be happy to make your acquaintance. We provide safe amalgam removal in DFW. In most cases, we can get you in and out immediately. For more information or answers to questions, give us a call any time during business hours, or send us an email. We'll get back to you in a jiffy.

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