TMJ Treatment in Fort Worth

Headaches are a common problem, but when this nuisance is accompanied by the inability to chew or even open your mouth comfortably, you should seek the guidance of an experienced dental professional. You may be experiencing the symptoms of TMD or temporomandibular joint dysfunction. At Clear Fork Dental, Dr. Cole and his team treat patients with TMD in Fort Worth.

If you are experiencing discomfort related to your jaw, facial pain, or interrupted dental function, call Clear Fork Dental today to schedule an appointment!

What is TMD?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is what allows your jaw it's free range of movement; you use it every day when you chew, speak, or yawn. TMD can be caused by a number of factors, including bruxism (teeth grinding), arthritis, or stress. The symptoms are numerous, including lockjaw, clicking sounds when you open your mouth, pain in the neck and shoulders, and even swelling.

TMD Assessment

During an initial exam, Dr. Cole listens for pops in jaw movement with a Doppler auscultation device and discusses your symptoms with you. This small, handheld piece of technology allows our team to check for clicking or grinding sounds that indicate jaw joint issues – similar to how your medical doctor may listen to your heart with a stethoscope to check for normal rhythm.

Dr. Cole then uses a CBCT scan to thoroughly examine your jaw for signs of TMD. Once the diagnosis has been made, your jaw will be measured so that Dr. Cole can fit you for a TMJ appliance that can be further adjusted during later appointments if necessary.

Advanced TMD Therapy in Fort Worth

Dr. Cole produces these TMJ appliances in-house, based on the digital scans and results of the examination. These splints function like mouth guards and are designed with your comfort in mind. He crafts comfortable night time splints as well as a daytime version that is both smaller and more discreet.

Clear Fork Dental also offers massage therapy, which helps alleviate jaw pain and other aches while relieving the stress that may have caused discomfort in the first place. Our therapists see patients with TMD once a week over the span of treatment. Our patients have shared that our pain-relieving treatments have improved their lives, helping those with migraines and even freeing their ability to exercise normally, free of headaches.

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If you’re experiencing the painful symptoms of TMD, call Clear Fork Dental today to schedule your appointment. We offer comprehensive TMD treatment for patients in the greater Fort Worth area that can alleviate their pain in a comfortable environment.