Mercury Free Dentistry from Clear Fork Dental

Dr. Stacy Cole uses biocompatible materials at our Fort Worth dental practice. Biocompatible materials better support your overall health, an important factor considering that the mouth is just one piece of your whole body puzzle. This is why we provide mercury free dentistry. In the past, mercury was used in amalgam fillings, thus exposing you to this potentially toxic substance for the life of the fillings. Now we use tooth-colored composite resin for fillings, a mercury free alternative.

Traditional silver amalgam fillings are made up of about 50 percent mercury, and while some believe this level to be harmless, with composite resin, there's no need to worry about any exposure to mercury.

We use 100 percent composite resin fillings for all of our patients. Do you have old amalgam fillings that you’re tired of seeing? We can replace your silver amalgam fillings with tooth-colored composite resin.

Composite resin is made from silicon dioxide and can be blended and mixed to find the shade that is a perfect match to your existing teeth. This tooth-colored plastic mixture looks and feels like a natural tooth, supporting your smile, deterring future breakage, and lasting as long as their amalgam counterparts. Thus, composite resin fillings are not only a healthier option, they're better looking, too!

As with any tooth restoration, it is best to avoid coffee, tea, and tobacco, as these may stain composite resin. Regular cleanings and routine brushing can help prevent stains from occurring.

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