Bone Grafting

Why You Should Choose Synthetic Bone Grafting

Feb 12 • 1 minute read

Bone grafting is necessary in a few situations, such as teeth extraction and implant placement. Grafting ensures jaw structures are dense and strong enough to support the success of additional treatments. Synthetic bone grafts are a reliable alternative to using your own bone and are beneficial to patients who have experienced damage and trauma to tissues. 

Why do I Need a Bone Graft?

Tooth loss and periodontal disease can diminish bone’s density and structure, leading to a weaker and uneven surface. Bone grafts restore wholeness to your dental foundation and provide your dental professionals greater flexibility with advanced treatments. Synthetic grafting materials are one of the best alternatives to traditional grafts, reducing discomfort and helping health-conscious individuals receive holistic care. 

Synthetic Grafting Material is Completely Safe

Traditional grafts are successful because they use the patient’s tissue. Synthetic, however, offers a similar success rate and even minimizes risks associated with grafts. Disease transfer, one of the most dangerous risks, is not an issue with synthetic material. These grafts are fabricated in sterile conditions and carefully sealed to prevent pathogen transfer.

Synthetic grafting material is biocompatible and made from proteins that are naturally found in our own bodies. This ensures they have the greatest chance to properly bond and grow new bone. With a synthetic graft, you can enjoy renewed strength and structure no matter the situation that required the procedure in the first place. 

A More Comfortable Process

Traditional grafts require two procedures: one where the bone is taken from a donor site, typically the hip or chin, and one for placement. This results in soreness or discomfort in the extraction site as well as the placement area. The process to place synthetic grafts is much simpler, requiring only one treatment. 

The synthetic protein is hydrated then combined with a sponge-like material that allows the bone to grow through it. You don’t have to have two separate procedures, but you can achieve the same great results as grafts sourced from your bone. 

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