Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care is a holistic dentistry clinic providing safe and attractive ceramic implants in Fort Worth. The difference in our clinic is that we approach dentistry from a mind, body, and soul perspective, which means that we understand how dentistry affects every other aspect of a patient's existence. Most dental clinics view dentistry as an exclusive practice. Because of our holistic approach to dentistry, we generally provide more effective, healthier, and safer dental procedures.

The Evolution of Dental Implants

Dental implants have come a long way from the time of their conception. The original dental implants were made of titanium. The discovery that titanium implants could integrate into a patient's jaw was in some time around 1950. Since then, titanium implants have done very well overall. Over time, dental patients with titanium implants began to develop problems. What has happened to the success of titanium implants is that more manufacturers have come into play as well as newer manufacturing protocols, and better implants were created.

The Problems with Titanium Implants

Implants today have different compositions. There are now more alloys added into the fabrication process of ceramic implants. With titanium implants, you have to couple two parts that are sometimes made of different alloys. When you do this in the wet environment of the mouth, you begin to have an electrical exchange between the two different metals. When you have electrical activity in the mouth, corrosion takes place. When the implants corrode, a breakdown in the implants occurs.

As materials break down, an oxidation process takes place. In the process, there is a release of irons. When those irons are released, some patients start having symptoms like pain, allergies, headaches, or rashes. Some will go into metal toxicity symptoms where they have vertigo, they can't get out of bed, and they feel lethargic.

The Benefits of Ceramic Implants

Ceramic implants, on the other hand, are very inert. Zirconia (what ceramic implants are made of) have very stable materials. Zirconia is used for all kinds of things. It's a material that doesn't break down in the wet environment of the mouth. Ceramic implants don't corrode, they don't conduct electricity, and they don't release any material into the patient's body. Ceramic is also a solid material and is the most natural replacement you can receive.

Believe it or not, ceramic implants are still out of the ordinary for most dental practitioners, especially here in the United States. Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care has been using ceramic implants for years, and we have discovered that they are much more successful and even achieve better aesthetics when we place them in the front of the mouth.

We Provide Ceramic Implants

If you are looking for ceramic implants in Fort Worth, you have found the right place. Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care is one of the few providers of ceramic implants in the DFW area. To learn more about this procedure, or to inquire about our prices, services, or anything else, please give us a call.

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