The dental implants are among the best medical procedures periodontist can undertake to restore the lost natural teeth. The implants are placed in the jaw to bond with the bone tissues. Many people seemed to get affected by the metal implants a situation that led to the development of nonmetal implants. Currently, the non-metal also known as Zirconium implants remains the safest procedure to put a smile in your face again after losing your teeth. However, very few dentists offer this service since it requires superior skills which can only be provided by a periodontist. We have the best periodontist in Fort Worth who will perform the surgery comfortably.

Why go for nonmetal implants?

The main reason why many people prefer nonmetal implants over other procedures is due to the benefits it offers to the patients. For instance, titanium implants which used to be the only implant available before proved to be harmful to many patients. The metal can corrode hence causing damage to the oral cavity. Some patients are also allergic to metals which made many of them remain toothless after losing the natural ones. In many cases, patients might fail to realize they are allergic to metallic implants until a year or two after undergoing the procedure.

There are also other benefits the patients enjoy for choosing nonmetal implants, and they are as follows:

- The Zirconium implants are very impressive since they are white and few people can rarely differentiate it from natural teeth. Unlike titanium implants where you might find grey lines, the non-metal implant remains white hence giving you more confidence.

- The nonmetal implants bond quickly with the jaw bone which enables you to heal within a short time after the surgery. Zirconium presents zero side effects as the material is non-corrosive and doesn’t react with your oral cavity. The patient who goes for metallic implants sometimes shies away from smiling or laughing, since they don’t want people to notice they have a metal tooth.

- After the non-metal implant, you will not require to visit the periodontist regularly since the dental crown and implant combine quickly to form one unit. Thus, you may only meet the doctor once after the surgery to check the progress.

The Zirconium implants accumulate less plague around the tooth which means you are going to enjoy improved oral hygiene.

How does the nonmetal implants in Fort Worth occur?

There is no significant difference between the Zirconium implant and conventional titanium implant surgery. What makes the non-metal implant exceptional is that you will not have to visit the dentist many times like when you go for a titanium implant. The surgery is undertaken using the standard anesthetic. After the non-metal implant, the bonding and healing only take a few weeks. Thus, giving the artificial tooth quality support and strength. After that, you can start enjoying your meals without experiencing any pains.

Our periodontist are experienced and will perform the surgery with a lot of care to ensure that you get the best service. You can also visit our facility for consultations on various implant methods so that you make an informed decision. Alternatively, you can call us at (817) 731-9291 for further assistance.

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