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3d Cone Beam Scan Near Me

Aug 23 • 2 minute read

A 3D Cone Beam Scan is a dental imaging service that uses a specific type of X-Ray equipment. This process is used any time that regular facial or dental x-rays are not sufficient enough to get a good view. A doctor or dental hygienist may use this form of technology to create a three-dimensional image of your teeth, the soft tissues of the mouth, nerve pathways or bones in a single scan.

Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care in Fort Worth offers innovative dental care services like 3D Cone Beam Scans in your area. You can contact their office today to find out more about this useful and convenient dental imaging service today. Their staff provides patients with the best education, technology and innovative services in dentistry.

Why Would I Need a 3D Cone Beam Scan?

A 3D Cone Beam Scan can be used to capture a better image of the mouth, teeth, gums and jaw than other forms of x-ray imaging can. This service is useful for precise viewing of how close a wisdom tooth may be to the nerves or arteries of the jaw. It can also show an orthodontist exactly how much bone is available to support dental implants.

There are several more reasons why you may need to have a 3D Cone Beam Scan. These can include determining if a root canal is your best option, evaluating issues with your sinuses, planning for extractions of impacted teeth or correctly diagnosing TMJ issues.

What to Expect When Getting a 3D Cone Beam Scan Near Me

The process of getting a cone beam 3D image scan is very simple and is usually over in less than a minute. There is no discomfort involved in the scan and you do not have to endure any special preparation. The only thing you need to do is remove any metal jewelry such as earrings to ensure that the tech gets the best possible images from the scan. The machine taking the scan will rotate around 360 degrees to capture images from every angle.

Will My Insurance Plan Cover a 3D Cone Beam Scan Near Me?

At this time, the majority of all dental insurance plans do not cover 3D Cone Beam scans. But many dental facilities will offer their patients a special reduced price for those with insurance plans that will not help out.

Where to Find a 3D Cone Beam Scan Near Me

If you are required to have a 3D Cone Beam Scan performed because regular dental x-rays aren’t working, the experts at Fort Worth’s Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care can help. They have the experience and training needed to perform this new type of dental imagery service to help diagnose your problem or pinpoint the exact location for extraction or surgical purposes. This information can be transferred to your own dentist oral surgeon to help them with your treatment and care.

Get in touch with the dental experts at Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care in Fort Worth to learn more about their 3D Cone Beam Scan services and other dental treatment options they have available.

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